AE-172E High Speed and High Accuracy, Key Switch Type Digital Resistance Checker

Optimum for the on a coating conveyor for MELF and axial type resistor of D,F,G,J,K and M class.

  • Shift output with built-in solenoid power source.【DC12V(2A)/24V(1A)/pulse mode(2A)】
  • Built-in GO total counter.
  • High accuracy and high stability by the measuring method rejected thermoelectromotiv force.
  • High stability by the improvement of noise immunity.
  • Available to make the high speed and stable measurement by the setting function of average on measuring value for each range.
  • Range of measurement for absolute value : 0.00mΩ~200.00MΩ
    for % : 5mΩ~109MΩ【±99.99%】
  • Available to select the function for contact check before or after the measurement, or function of non-contact check.
  • RS-232C and Centronics interface are built-in as standard equipment.【GP-IB is option】
  • Transfer function of setting data is built-in as standard equipment.
    (Available to transfer the same setting data to another set of AE-172E)
  • The checking circuit of the abnormal measuring current and voltage is built-in.
Measuring range and Accuracy(at 23℃±5℃)、180days after calibration【1year after calibration : 2times】
Range Measuring Range Test Current Accuracy
100mΩ 5mΩ~100mΩ 100mA within ±0.02%±2a±2d within ±0.03%±3a±2d±[2/(1+n)]d
100.1mΩ~1Ω 100mA within ±0.02%±a±1d within ±0.02%±a±2d±[2/(1+n)]d
10Ω 1.001Ω~10Ω 50mA
100Ω 10.01Ω~100Ω 10mA within ±0.02%±1d within ±0.02%±2d±[1/(1+n)]d
1kΩ 100.1Ω~1kΩ 5mA
10kΩ 1.001kΩ~10kΩ 0.5mA
100kΩ 10.01kΩ~100kΩ 50μA
1MΩ 100.1kΩ~1MΩ 5μA within ±0.05%±2d±[1/(1+n)]d
10MΩ 1.001MΩ~10MΩ 0.5μA within ±0.03%±1d within ±0.2%±4d±[1/(1+n)]d
100MΩ 10.01MΩ~109MΩ 0.05μA within ±0.1%±2d ───
d : digit n : Averaging time(msec.), α=[100/setting value(mΩ)]×0.01% , In case of the measurement of absolute value, add±1digit,
*The above accuracy is under the condition shielded completely.  
Measuring time Remote start Free running
about 24msec.~400msec. about 0.7msec.~400msec. about 5times/sec.~
about 2times/sec.
about 10times/sec.~
about 2times/sec.
Test terminal open voltage below 15V
EOC[End of comparison]pulse width 1~250msec. or continuative
Measuring method 2 or 4 terminal measurement
Comparator set range 4 1/2 digit(20000) both for high and low limit / %range:±99.99%、
Absolute value measurement:00000~20000
Operation condition Temp.:0℃~+50℃、 Humidity:below 80%
GO Total Counter 8 Figures(0~99999999)
Power supply AC85V~265V、50~60Hz、about 50VA
Outer dimension 333(W)×99(H)×300(D)mm【excluding protruding parts such as rubber legs, etc.】
Weight about 3.2kg
Option ・GP-IB
・Data cable
・Short termination(Zero ohm standard resistor)

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