AE-365E Ultra high speed & high accuracy 120Hz/1kHz Digital Capacitor Checker

Optimum model for inspection on taping machine of “CHIP”, “MELF”, “RADIAL” and “AXIAL” Capacitor.

  • Ultra-high speed : 1msec【TYP】
  • Range of measurement : 20pF~200µF
  • Contact checking function as standard
  • RS-232C and Centronics interface are built-in as standard equipment.【GP-IB is option】
  • Measuring frequency : 1kHz±0.1%(Sine wave)
Measurning range and Accuracy(D<0.1 Ambient temperature 23℃±5℃)
Range Measuring range Resolution Accuracy Measurement voltage
2pF 0.000pF~1.999pF 0.001pF Within ±1.0% of rdg±5digit×α 1kHz,1V±5% [rms] 1kHz,5V±5V% [rms]
20pF 0.00pF~19.99pF 0.01pF Within ±0.25% of rdg±3digit×α
200pF 0.0pF~199.9pF 0.1pF Within ±0.2% of rdg±2digit×α —-
2nF 0.000nF~1.999nF 0.001nF Within ±0.2% of rdg±2digit —-
20nF 0.00nF~19.99nF 0.01nF —-
200nF 0.0nF~199.9nF 0.1nF —-
2μF 0.000μF~1.999μF 0.001μF 120Hz、0.5V±5% [rms]
20μF 0.00μF~19.99μF 0.01μF Within ±0.3% of rdg±3digit×α
120μF 0.0μF~119.9μF 0.1μF Within ±1.0% of rdg±5digit×α 1kHz,1V+5%~-15% [rms] —-
200μF 0.0μF~199.9μF 0.1μF Within ±0.5% of rdg±3digit×α —- 120Hz、0.5V±5% [rms]
1.2mF 0.000mF~1.199mF 0.001mF Within ±1.5% of rdg±5digit×α —- 120Hz、0.5V+5%~5%~-25% [rms]
※In case of 0.1<D<1, 25D/100(%)is added on the above accuracy. 
α:In cae of FAST 2(In case of 2pF Range/1 V α=10) In case of SLOW 1(In case of 2pF Range/1 V α=5)
Measurement Method 3/5 terminal measurement [Available to select the measuring method on each range]
Measuring Frequency 120Hz/1kHz±0.1%、sine wave
Output Impedance Approx. 1Ω
Straycapacity revision range Approx. 30pF
temperature coefficient Within ±100ppm/℃[f.s and zero]
Measurement time 【Free running】FAST:Aprrox.1~5 time/sec. SLOW:FAST×N(N: The setting number of “average” )
【Start trigger signal [FAST]】1msec.[Fastest time]
Comparator set range Capacitance:1999[120µF/1.2mF range: 1199] with HI and LO limit tanδ:99.9%
Use environment Temperature:0℃~+50℃、 Humidity:Less than 85%
Power supply AC85V~265V、50~60Hz、Aprrox. 50VA
Outer dimension 333(W)×99(H)×300(D)mm
Weight Approx. 4kg
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