AE-369B 120Hz/1kHz High Speed Digital C-tanδ Checker

Optimum for the sorting machine of Aluminum and Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor.

  • Measuring frequency 120Hz/1kHz[Sine wave]
  • Measuring speed 8.2msec.(1kHz)/12.5msec.(120Hz)
  • Measuring range   C:0~39.99mF/tanδ:0~199.9%
  • Test mode Serial or Parallel equivalent circuit.
  • Comparison output by the built-in comparator.
  • Data interface Either GP-IB、RS-232C or Centronics.【Option】
Measuring range and Accuracy(Ambient temperature 23℃±5℃)
Range 1kHz 40nF 400nF 4μF 40μF 400μF 4mF
120Hz 400nF 4μF 40μF 400μF 4mF 40mF
C Accuracy ±0.3%±2(digit) ±y%±2(digit) ±1%±5(digit)
tanδ Accuracy
Test Mode Serial or Parallel equivalent circuit
β:5(120Hz) / 10(1kHz)
γ:1(120Hz) / 0.5(1kHz)
In case of tanδ value is 100.0%~199.9%, Accuracy of C and tanδ becomes double.
Measuring Method 5 Terminal Measurement
Measurement Voltage Below 400mV (r.m.s.)
Measuring Frequency 120Hz/1kHz±0.1%、sine wave
Measurement Time 【Remote start】about 8.2msec.(1kHz) / about 12.5msec.(120Hz)
【Free running】about 3 time/sec.
DCDC Bias DC1.5V(built-in)and DC 0~25V(remote)
Use environment Temp.:0℃~+50℃、 Humidity:below 80%
Power supply AC85V~265V、50~60Hz、about 30VA
Outer dimension 333(W)×99(H)×300(D)mm(excluding protruding parts such as rubber legs, etc.)
Weight Approx. 3.8kg
GP-IB Only one kind of interface can be provided with the checker
Centronics Interface

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