AE-9303B(10CH) Ultra-High Speed Network Resistance Checker

Optimum for on a sorting machine and taping machine for network resistor and chip array resistor.

  • Ultra-High Speed:about 1msec per point【including Contact Check】
  • Contact Check:Contact error is not output in case of <100Ω and available to normally measure.
  • Measuring range:0.01Ω~10MΩ
  • 4Terminal Measurement【0~less than 99.9kΩ】
    2Terminal Measurement【More than 100kΩ】
  • Available to make Short Check.
  • GO/NG by Built-in Digital Comparator.
  • Available to make Tracking check.
  • Measuring of different value network resistance and different deviation value are possible.
  • RS-232C/GP-IB interface.【Option】
Measuring range and Accuracy(at 23℃±5℃)
Measuring Range Test Current Accuracy
SLOW[±9.99%] FAST[±9.99%] SLOW[±99.9%] FAST[±99.9%]
0.01Ω~1Ω 100mA within α±0.03%±1d within α±0.05%±2d within α±0.1%±1d within α±0.2%±2d
1.01Ω~10Ω 50mA within±0.03%±1d within ±0.05%±n2d within ±0.1%±1d within±0.2%±1d
10.1Ω~100Ω 5mA
101Ω~1kΩ 5mA
1.01kΩ~10kΩ 0.5mA
10.1kΩ~100kΩ 50μA
101kΩ~1MΩ 5μA within ±0.1%±2d
1.01MΩ~10MΩ 0.5μA within ±0.1%±1d —- —-
mΩ CHECK(0~999mΩ) 50mA within ±0.2%±2d within ±0.3%±2d within ±0.2%±2d within ±0.3%±2d
※n:FAST2=1, FAST1=2, d : digits n : Averaging time(msec.), α=±0.1×100/setting value(mΩ) ,
※The above accuracy is dynamic accuracy through scanner.
Measuring method: Less than 99.9kΩ/4 terminals, More than 100kΩ/2 terminals or 4 terminals.
Setting range of tracking judging for resistance measurement: ±9.99% Measuring[±9.99% for both upper and lower limit]
±99.9% Measuring[±99.9% for both upper and lower limit]
Setting range of tracking judging value: 0.01%~9.99%[judging function:Available ON/OFF]
Resistance element number to be able to measure: Common type:9 elements / Independent type:5 elements[Option:Available to have 19 elements and 10 elements]
Measuring time: Common type:[8 elements:less than 10kΩ] Fast-1:about 8msec.[including Time of Contact Check]
Independent type:[4 elements:less than 10kΩ] Fast-1:about 5msec.[including Time of Contact Check and Short Check]
Check function: Contact-Check:Check is made if the measuring terminal is good condition for measurement [In case of 4 terminal measurement]
Short-Check:Check is made the insulation between adjoining pins.
Open-Check:Check is made Open between the designated pins after the measurement.
Operation condition: 【Temp.】+5℃~+40℃、【Humidity】below 70%
Power supply: AC85V~265V、50~60Hz、about 50VA
Outer dimension: 333(W)×99(H)×300(D)mm【excluding protruding parts such as rubber legs, etc.】
Weight: about 4.5kg
・AE-9303B(10 Channels:Standard Type)
・AE-9303B(20 Channels:Special Type)
・RS-232C Interface( Option)
・GP-IB Interface( Option)
・Short termination(Zero ohm standard resistor)

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