AE-1155D Low Test Current DC Low Ohm METER

Optimum for the auto measurement of Chip inductor, Fuse etc.

  • Measurement not influenced by thermal electro motive force.
  • Impressed the measuring current at pulse interval, in order to reduce abrasion
    of measuring terminal.
  • Contact-check is equipped as standard function.
  • Measuring range :0.000mΩ~15.000kΩ
  • Available to measure the percent the set reference value :
    0.5mΩ~1kΩ/±50.00%【Minimum resolution of 50nΩ】
  • Available to measure the persent the set reference value:
  • RS-232C,GP-IB and Centronics output available.【option】
  • Comparison result by built-in comparator is open-collector output and
    displayed as LO,GO,HI by LED and buzzer.
  • Measuring current/voltage-check are built-in as standard function.
  • Available to shift output.
Measuring range and Accuracy (at 23℃±5℃) :
Range Measuring range Resolution Measuring current Accuracy
10mΩ 0.000mΩ~15.000mΩ 1μΩ 100mA within
±3digit 【Average】
±4digit 【Slow】
±5digit 【Fast】
100mΩ 0.00mΩ~150.00mΩ 10μΩ
0.0000Ω~1.5000Ω 100μΩ 10mA
10Ω 0.000Ω~15.000Ω 1mΩ 1mA
100Ω 0.00Ω~150.00Ω 10mΩ
1KΩ 0.0Ω~1500.0Ω 100mΩ
10KΩ 0Ω~15000Ω 100μA
1mΩ~9.99mΩ/±50.0% 0.1% Mentioned above Within【(Range/Standard)/5】×0.01%±β digits
10mΩ~10kΩ/±50.00% 0.01% Within【(Range/Standard)/5】×0.01%±α digits
Voltage at terminals open : below 9V
Measuring method : 4-terminal measurement with contact check.
Measuring time : 【Free running mode】2~10times/sec.
【Remote start mode】about 9msec~400msec.
Comparator setting range : mΩ test mode: 0~15000[both for the upper and lower limit]
% test mode : ±50.0% [1mΩ~9.99mΩ] / ±50.00% [10mΩ~10kΩ]
Indication comparator’s comparison result : LO/GO/HI, LED display and buzzer.
Control signal : input: START “L”[0V]→”H”[DC12V]⇒start
HOLD open or ”H”[DC12V]⇒freerun / “L”[0V]⇒hold
output LO/GO/HI, CONT-E and EOC/ open collector[40V/100mA max.]
Operation condition : 【Temp.】5℃~+40℃、【Humidity】below 85%
Outer dimension : 333(W)×99(H)×300(D)mm【excluding protruding parts such as rubber legs, etc.】
Weight : about 3kg
Power supply : AC85V~265V、50~60Hz、about 60VA
Option ・RS-232C Only one kind of interface can be provided with the checker.
・Printer output[Centronics]
・Printer Cable
・Short termination(Zero ohm standard resistor)

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