AE-3245A 5 Rank sortiing C-tanδChecker

Optimum Check in an aging process of electrolytic capacitor

  • Contact-check is equipped as standard function.
  • Measuring frequency: 120Hz
  • Measuring time: approx.105msc.[Including contact check & residual voltage check]
  • Measuring range: 0~39.99mF]/tanδ0~199.9%]
  • 5 Rank sorting.
  • Centronics interface as standard.
Measuring range and Accuracy(Ambient temperature 23℃±5℃)
Range 400nF 4μF 40μF 400μF 4mF 40mF
C Accuracy within ±0.5%±2(digits) within±2%±2(digits) within ±2%±5(digits)
tanδ Accuracy
Test Mode Serial or Parallel equivalent circuit
In case of tanδ value is 100.0%~199.9%, Accuracy of C and tanδ becomes double.
Measuring Mode: Serial Equivalent Circuit
Measuring Voltage: Below 400mV (r.m.s.)
Measuring Method: 5 Terminal Measurement
Measuring Frequency: 120Hz±0.1%、sine wave
Measuring Terminal:/th>

Front panel: 5-terminal
Rear panel: 8 Pins round type metal consent
Contact Check: Function to output the measurement error when the contact resistance over about 200Ωis detected
at the input terminals more than one.
Input Protection: Function to protect the measurement circuit when the voltage on the measurement sample which has
not been discharged is detected being more than about DC2.2V at the continual 4 terminals.
(Residual voltage check)
Measurement Time: Remote start Mode: Appr. 105msec.
【Contact check & Residual voltage check】: Appr. 27msec.
【Measurement stabilization time】 : Appr. 45msec.
【Time until the measurement terminal release】Appr. 96msec.
Free running Mode: Appr. 3 cycles/sec.
Comparator setting: Capacity C : 4 points of LL, L, H and HH : “200 to 3999”
Loss tanδ : “1 to 199.9”
Comparator Judgment : Digital data comparison method
Judgment Result Display: Capacity: CLO, CLG, CGO, CHG, CHI
Tanδ : DGO, DNG
Total : C/D-GO
Output: GO1. GO2, CNG, DNG, CER, COV, DER, DOV, CEND, MEDD, BUSY, SLCT, CCE, VCE and various type
of shift judgment.
Data Interface: Centronics
Use environment: Temp.:0℃~+40℃、 Humidity:below 80% or less (no condensation)
Power supply: AC85V~265V、50~60Hz、appr. 45VA
Outer dimension: 432(W)×149(H)×450(D)mm(excluding protruding parts such as rubber legs, etc.)
Weight: Appr. 10kg

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