AE-710D Leak Current Checker

For the Measuring and Judging the leak current
of electrolytic capacitor at high speed.

  • Measuring Range: 0.0nA~299.99mA
  • Available to make Contact-Check in case of 2 Terminal Measurement.
  • Series Protection Resistor: Built-in【1kΩ】/Available to have External Series Protection Resistor.
  • Measuring Time: About(3msec.+Mmsec.+Contact-Check Time).【Available to set M:1~180msec.】
  • Timer: 000.00~999.99sec.
  • Built-in Digital Comparator.
  • Option: GP-IB /RS-232C/ Centronics Interface/ BCD-Parallel Output.
Measuring range and Accuracy (at 23℃±5℃) :
Range Measuring range Resolution Accuracy Display
3μA 0.0nA~2999.9nA 100pA within ±0.1% of rdg±5digits
[Measuring time : AC1]
30μA 0.000μA~29.999μA 1nA
300μA 0.00μA~299.99μA 10nA
3mA 0.0μA~2999.9μA 100nA
30mA 0.000mA~29.999mA 1μA
300mA 0.00mA~299.99mA 10μA
Measuring time : 【Free running mode】 Slow: about 3times/sec.~5times/sec.
           Fast:about 5times/sec.~10times/sec.
【Remote start mode】about(3+Mmsec. +Contact Check Time)
Mfast : Available to set 1~99msec. or AC1
Mslow : Available to set AC1~AC9
[ACn : Power Line Freq. 60Hz=16.7msec.×n (50Hz=16.7msec.×n)]
Comparator setting range : 0000~29999[both for the upper and lower limit]
Indication comparator’s comparison result : LO/GO/HI, LED display and buzzer.
Control signal : input: START “L”[0V]→”H”[DC12V]⇒start
HOLD open or ”H”[DC12V]⇒free run / “L”[0V]⇒hold
output: LO/GO/HI, CONT-E and EOC/ open collector[40V/100mA max.]
Operation condition : 【Temp.】5℃~+50℃、【Humidity】below 85%
Outer dimension : 333(W)×99(H)×300(D)mm【excluding protruding parts such as rubber legs, etc.】
Weight : about 2.7kg
Power supply : AC85V~265V、50~60Hz、about 20VA
Option ・RS-232C Only one kind of interface can be provided with the checker.
・Printer output[Centronics]
BCD Parallel Output
・Printer Cable

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